In 1993 an aggressive group of business leaders identified the need for collective action in developing a business organization through which the economic and cultural diversity of our communities, and by extension the businesses that serviced these communities, could be showcased, nurtured and empowered.

This entity, the South Florida Business Group built a solid organizational base, the foundation upon which the Greater Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce (GCACC) emerged.

Our aim is to eliminate and reform abuses on such areas, obtain and distribute reliable information as to the reputation and standing of business matters and merchants while stimulating, encouraging and promoting cooperation and friendly exchange among businessmen and women. The GCACC will be a major resource for business connection and a platform for economic development in our emerging community. The GCACC plans on accomplishing this with programs and initiatives that both stimulate business growth and communicate new creative opportunities.

The Greater Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce (GCACC) is your direct link to the Caribbean Community of South Florida. Membership can open business opportunities to a community that has grown exponentially, a niche market created through diversity and a rich culture.

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