[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]The summer job internship program was created to assist at-risk youth between the ages of 15 and 18 years, who otherwise would not find a summer job without the support of community based organizations. The program is supported by local businesses and chambers of commerce and runs for 7 weeks. It provides students with employment and life skills and helps them meet educational, job readiness and career exploration goals. An internship also offers the chance to learn by doing in a setting where the student is supervised by a work‐place professional, and have the opportunity to achieve his or her own learning goals.

The program will unlock career paths for youth introducing them to technology and entrepreneurship. Participants will gain access to the knowledge, skills, mentors, and experiences to become tech creators. We are focused on introducing the youth to paths in Software Engineering, User Experience Design and Technology Entrepreneurship.

Applicants are required to complete an application and attend a two hour orientation which gives everyone an opportunity to demonstrate his or her commitment to the program. During this process he or she is assigned a mentor who works with them throughout the program. Base on their interest students are matched with employers and are required to attend an interview with that employer prior to starting the program. The program is designed to teach the following skills:

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  • Public Speaking
  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Work Ethics
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolutions
  • Building Relationships

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  • Etiquette
  • Financial Literacy
  • Web/Mobile Application Development
  • Creating a marketable tech products
  • Customer Validation
  • Social Media Marketing/Management
  • Product Pitch Training (How to pitch your product to investors and buyers)
  • Building self-awareness, self-esteem and self-worth. as well as offer mentoring by a local business leader


Students are evaluated at the end of the program to include academic improvement and personal accomplishment. This evaluation also helps us in determining the success of the program. Students who successfully complete the program are given certificates of completion and in some case community service hours towards graduation. Our students are encouraged to recommend other students for the program.

Not Currently Accepting Applications for the 2016-2017 Scholarship Season

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